Blue Lotus Yoga & Wellness

"I attended my first yoga class on a Thursday evening. I just wanted to share how great it felt. Even though it was a beginner class, it was a nice challenge. Everything felt better afterwards. Mind, body and soul. I will definitely be back."

~ Sharyn

"Paula is a first class yoga instructor! She has an amazing ability to push her students to their limits in an encouraging, support way. A true professional, Paula leaves you feeling challenged and renewed. Her positive outlook is truly inspiring and a joy to be around."

~ Mollie

"Paula has been a wonderful yoga teacher for me. She has a real commitment to being a student herself in order to keep growing and learning. Paula is always observing the world, and bringing it into the classroom (the yoga mat) with wonderful parallels and stories. Paula understands how to motivate her students to try their best, always keeping safety in mind while seeking balance. Through Paula's instruction, I have grown to appreciate yoga as a journey, and a way to listen and observe what my body is telling me during my practice. I've learned the benefits of pranayama as well. Paula doesn't know a stranger and is open to questions. She is a teacher who appreciates, as well as demonstrates, a great sense of humor. She loves a challenge and approaches life with zest and optimism."

~ Jana

"Paula has a gift and I am in deep gratitude to learn from her. She has nourished me physically and spiritually with gentle, loving support."

~ Geri

"Paula has patiently and positively helped me explore the many dimensions of yoga, and it's made a difference in my life. When I stated my practice a few years ago, I was a complete novice and far from the youngest beginner in the room. This made no difference to Paula. She was supportive from the beginning. We talked about my motivation and goals. With her insightful coaching, I have continued to advance at my own pace and enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of my practice."

~ Gregg

"I can't tell you how much I have learned from Paula, her teaching and the way she lives her life. She helped to show me how to find a healthy path. Paula hears me and encourages me to listen to myself. To have the courage to value MY yoga practice and receive joyfully the energy that comes from that practice."

~ Jan

"The thoughts that Paula shares with class are meaningful, mindful, relevant, thought provoking and very grounded. Not only have her words been an inspiration - but the way she approaches the challenges in her life. Paula has been a role model for many. She teaches yoga with a wonderful balance of strength and grace. I have learned so much."

~ Colleen