A Note from Paula

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Welcome to Blue Lotus Yoga & Wellness. It is an honor to have you visit the website and consider practicing yoga with us. Below you will find some background information on me and my journey into yoga and meditation.


I began this exploration in 1997 by attending a yoga class at a fitness convention. I fell in love with the practice in the first few breaths. Hungry to learn more, I sought out teachers from around the country to train with.  I am eternally grateful for their guidance, wisdom, and inspiration.

My teaching began in 2000. I have instructed yoga at many locations in the Des Moines area (workplaces, studios, fitness centers, etc). I have met (and continue to meet) my best teachers in these place, they are the students.

My practice continues to shift and grow daily.  I delight in sharing my knowledge of yoga philosophy and anatomy. My hope is to help students tap into their own wellspring of vibrancy, strength, and happiness. Classes are intended to be explorative, playful, and empowering. My students are my greatest teachers and source of inspiration. ​